A Host Of Roofs, All Below A single Roof!

Prolonged gone are the days when the only predicaments plaguing the minds of college students ended up cumbersome coursework and pulling all- nighters. Periods are this sort of that even securing great marks doesn’t guarantee a seamless admission process. In fact, percentages and grades flag off a total whole lot of other concerns- the most notable among the them currently being the contentious concern of obtaining a room about one’s head and 4 walls all over oneself. This becomes an even better problem when one particular variables in the information and figures. A survey that subsumed the prime 20 colleges of India in conditions of enrollments indicated about 5 million pupils who are at the brink of getting better schooling. Out of this large amount, merely 63% ( 46% nearby college students and 17% who avail of institutional lodging) have their housing needs taken care of. Near to 83% of outstation students stay in the lurch concerning lodging and rely mostly on PGs and rental flats. Amidst all these worries, then, it is really no shock that India’s GER stands at a measly 18%, as compared to the substantially bigger 26% global level.

It’d be harmless to surmise that the over suggests a huge market whose demand from customers is currently being met lesser and lesser by the quite non- clear institutional lodging allocation. The substitute furnished by unregulated rental market place- with its sub par support, widespread exploitation and fragmented info- leaves large scope for radical revolution by a extremely digitised mechanism in this sector.

Enter StudentAcco, India’s initial 100% students-only lodging portal that brings all the PGs and rental-flat lodging in the college student-centric hotspots of Delhi-NCR below one roof to facilitate an knowledgeable, swift and clear transaction. It is really a new age online aggregator that proffers impressively additional than 25,000 accommodations that change throughout a plethora of proportions and demands.


StudentAcco can be viewed as donning the role of a virtual counterpart of a hugely responsible, technology pushed and far-reaching broker who takes care of determining appropriate attributes, negotiating with assets owners and gathering verifiable information about the said attributes. In accomplishing so, it properly creates a services shipping and delivery system that fosters rise in requirements with regards to pupil lodging in the current market.

The onus of browsing, shortlisting and deciding upon is what finally falls on the buyers i.e. the students. StudentAcco curates this sort of an comprehensive record of attributes that it caters to a set of priorities, that contains but not minimal to price, support benchmarks, usefulness and security. What’s additional if that it will not desert the students put up these preliminary measures. There is complete succour furnished with move- ins and go?-?outs, paperwork and maintenance.


StudentAcco troubleshoots a host of difficulties. It counters the acute dearth of college student residences and even the inate bias versus allotting accommodations to the young community. Applying an intermediate amalgamated system diminishes the possibility of money being forfeited in the hands of volte-face middlemen. Immaculate certification of houses satisfies the basic safety connected considerations of mother and father. This fulfillment is additional enhanced with the 24×7 helpline expert services supplied by StudentAcco chaperones.

This one particular of its kind unified platform makes use of powerful provider association and extremely-developed engineering to triumph over minuscule actual physical floor hook up. Hyper-nearby focus gives way to improved good quality of homes and expert services. Charging no brokerage and listing lodging that are straightforward on student’s purses crack all financial obstacles. All these go on to proof how Studentacco has its finger on the pulse of Gen Y pupils and supplying them with what they need to have as perfectly as what they want.

Advantages ABOUND TO Just one AND ALL

To declare that the positive aspects of StudentAcco are unidimensional would be a gross misinterpretation due to the fact these department out to a lot more than just the university student local community.

As learners nowadays are a lot more probably to scout out areas on the net, this exceptionally ground breaking market place model awards house owners with much better than ever occupancy which then translates into 20-30% greater rentals. It requires in excess of most of the burdening perform on their behalf, these kinds of as that of tenant verification, lease selection and all legal paraphernalia. Performing in unison with these an organised participant prospects to added credibility and utilisation of a lot more produced infrastructure and intellect.

Traders, too, stand to attain immensely centered on revenue stream from rental commission and tapping of area of interest current market in the organised sector which’ll be supported by intense brand name differentiation and robust advertising.

A Good Sort OF Distinct

In producing the giant leap from beforehand remaining a pupil housing facility to obtaining metamorphosed into an aggregator listing lodging, StudentAcco faces no domestic level of competition presently. It also has an edge around very similar worldwide ventures as it truly is the only just one on household floor and can as a result assure thorough actual physical inspection.

The web site displays a variety of genuine visible representations that give a virtual tour to the to-be inhabitants. Unlike other unscrupulous resources, these images are evidently devoid of exaggeration or eye-washing. Thus cachet is most precious for individuals who e-book with out personal tours. Through the internet site, buyers can review several accommodations and even speak to entrepreneurs for clearance of uncertainties. StudentAcco alone lends an ear to all kinds of queries coming from the college students that can be posed via the web page, and ensures that the theory of ‘ caveat emptor’ is upheld.

In-depth descriptions of bordering spots, info about utilities and support with domestic problems and disagreements with landlords are other frills associated with Studentacco.

Pioneering A NEW Reality

At the coronary heart of its quite a few bells and whistles lies StudentAcco’s authentic drive to house the university student community. And to household them nicely. It endeavours to satiate all concerns similar to housing at a solitary click on of the finger. It can be assert of figuring out its focus on sector within out finds ample aid in its offering of contemporary amenities like WiFi expert services, kitschy but strong furnishings and verified flat mates. This is, of class, in addition to primordial amenities like meals and safety.

When transitioning into adulthood, uncertainties and apprehensions are par for the course. But housing will need not always cone under this purview. It should not spoil or else perfect college strategies. No much less than a students’ messiah, StudentAcco is certain to transfer forward, bolstered by its proclivity for innovative answers, steady fiscal facet and need to enhance continually.

There are houses out there. And there certainly are learners who need them out there, also. Studentacco is the proverbial freeway that would make the journey concerning the two far less chaotic and considerably extra quick.

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